Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Dogs, like people can be photogenic and not so photogenic. Take Barkley. He's a little bit of a rascal. Sometimes we think his wires got crossed before he was adopted (he chases reflected light on the ceiling, and instead of wagging his tail, it shivers. like he's super nervous. or cold). He's also really skinny but lightning fast. As a terrier, he also has a killer instinct. Oh, the stories my aunt could tell you about the adventures he and Willa have gotten into. Which brings me to the other dog. Willa, or Willa Bean, as I like to call her, is a ham. Attention, attention, attention. She needs it. When I see her, I stop, start talking to her, and on cue, she gradually lowers herself to the ground (not a far distance, as she's about a foot tall) while wagging her entire second half, and exposes her tummy to be rubbed. All this, merely at my speaking to her. I haven't even touched her yet. What's really cute is if you stand at the door and yell for Barkley, if Willa is standing there, she'll start whimpering and yelping. She knows someone else is being called.

Back to photogenicity. We'll call that a real word.

In the midst of my virus overrun sickness, I removed myself to the countryside and decided to go for a walk. Granted, this may not have been the wisest decision, because in my physically weakened state, getting lost would have been... a problem. However, that is another discussion. On this walk, the two said puppies went with me. Good life choice. I walked down to the river, toting my camera, seeking something of beauty in the midst of the barren landscape that showed the ravages of winter. I find winter hard to photograph and present as beautiful because the colors are so bleak. But when I reached the river, hints of green revealed themselves. I started taking pictures of moss and other small growing foliage. As I looked up from one spot, I saw Barkley standing on a rock, looking intently at the other shore. Snap. He blended in with the background. So I continued. I found this sun bleached white rock that was covered in vibrantly green moss. Crawling over, I started clicking away. I sat back on the rock to look at what I had taken. Unfortunately, nothing I particularly loved. Oh well. As I looked up, Barkley bounded onto the white rock and started exploring. Adorable! Snap. Snap. Snap. I like. Yes, he did display his rear for a good portion of the pictures, but I think I captured some good looking ones. I turned to Willa, wanting to get her too, because she's a cute terrier too. But it's hard to take a picture of a puppy that stays around your feet. Not much room for perspective. Commands like "Look over here Willa!" also went ignored. Shrug. What's a girl to do?
I guess there are times when Barkley's rascally, adventuring nature play to his advantage. In case he ever wants to be in a puppy magazine. Sorry Willa.

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