Thursday, November 10, 2011

roadtrip: Atlanta, GA

This past weekend, Abraham and I road-tripped to Atlanta, Georgia to visit some friends and go to the Atlanta aquarium. It was a weekend packed with fun, laughter, beauty, friends and almost best of all-- delicious food.

I know I usually take pictures of the food to later reflect on with longing as well as to tantalize anyone who views my pictures, but this weekend, the food was just too good and I couldn't spare the time to lug out my camera and get snap happy. Plus I didn't want to make the other people wait. So I have two pictures of food. They will be displayed below.

I know the last time I wrote about a road-trip I used many words and put in a slideshow, but I think today I'm going to keep it to a minimum and let the pictures speak. Happy viewing!

The rays were doing cartwheels through the bubbles!

The penguins would follow your hands as you moved them across the glass

Even if you put your hand above the water, they would try to follow it.

We saw some otters playing, but these smaller otters were having a communal nap time. I couldn't decide if I wanted to join them or take them home. I don't think I stopped "awwing" until we got to the aligators.

I got to pet the rays! I think they liked me.


My plaid kind of clashes with the backdrop, but oh well. At least the whale sharks wouldn't be able to mistake me for food. 

PUTT-PUTT. Ok, so I know this isn't putt putt. I don't actually have any pictures because I was too busy enjoying myself, again. But, this is what we did while we waited for some other people to meet up with us. The boys had to go shoot things. Notice the pink gun. Super manly.

Then they decided to go for an afternoon drive. How romantic! Note: I tried this one too. I think I came in 8th place. Out of 9. At least I beat number 9!

And last but certainly not least, the fooooooooooood!!!

Here is what remained of our Sunday dimsum lunch. After the meal, I remembered to pull out my handy dandy phone. You can tell from the pile of bones that it wasn't delicious at all.  

And here is what we had for dessert. I managed to take a picture because I was already pretty full and not in a hurry to eat this beautiful baby. Though I did. No worries. I savored every delicious, mouth-watering bite.   

Oh, and final addition. We stopped at McDonalds on the drive over and picked us up some chicken nuggets. 50 of them. Who knew they even sold them in batches of 50?!

So, my friends, here are snapshots of my wonderful weekend. What do you think? I hope yours was fabulous as well!

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