Wednesday, December 21, 2011

craft: headband

Tis the season to be crafting! Falalalala Lalalala

I'm not entirely sure what's gotten into me, but I suppose I am in a crafting frenzy. I have been browsing different websites and little lightbulbs of inspiration have been going off in my head (enter: Gru from Despicable Me saying "liiightbulb", and yes, in exactly that voice).

So, after browsing, I came across the inspiration for my headband. I hardly wear headbands, yes, but I decided to give this a try since it looks kid-friendly/comfortable so I should be able to deal with it. Plus, I wanted something festive yet re-wearable. Meaning, I wanted not only to be able to wear it to a Christmas party but wear it at another time of year as well.

The original called for satin fabric but I didn't have any, so I got some black satin ribbon because I figured I could use the ribbon for other things. It wasn't as wide as the original, but I disregarded this. I also got some red tulle-like ribbon. There's probably an accurate name for it, but I can't recall it at the moment. I wanted to get red satin ribbon, but what do you know, it's Christmas time and ALL the red wide ribbon was gone. So this would have to do. The important thing is that the ribbon edges can be melted so that fraying is prevented.

So, Ingredients:
Satin/tulle-like ribbon (colors of your choosing. I used red and black)
Crystal beading
Needle and thread (helpful to have the colors of your ribbon)
Candle (and a method to light it)
Hot glue gun (and glue)
Head band (I used a scunci elastic one that was recommended from the website above)

Ready, Set, Create!

Most of my ingredients. See the hidden smiley?
 Totally unplanned.
First, I cut out concentric circles from the black ribbon. They really don't have to be exact (it'll be prettier if they're not), but they do need to be progressively smaller. The red ribbon was quite a bit smaller than the black (read: less wide), so I had an idea to just leave them in squares. I cut out six squares, two of each size (also progressively smaller). You can cut as many circles and squares as you like, I cut as many as the width of the black ribbon would allow (5) and an even number of shrinking squares.

Next. Fire. Please be careful. If you decide to try this, I am not responsible for burned fingers (or anything else, for that matter.) I used a candle because I didn't want to constantly hold a lighter. But you can use a lighter if you prefer. Take your squares and circles and carefully melt the edges. It will prevent fraying and cause the fabric to turn upwards a little bit.

The back. Supa exciting.
Next, I chose how many crystals I wanted and in what fashion and then I sewed them on to the ribbons which were laid over each other with the largest piece on the bottom.

I got a bit of red felt and cut a leaf shape because my two flowers were looking a trifle lonely. I also melted its edges to give it a bit of an aged look. I used a small strip of felt as the base and hot glued the flowers and the leaf to the felt.

To finish, I turned my flowers over so that the felt base was facing up, then I put hot glue on and laid the headband over the glue. I put more glue over top of the headband to seal it in. This hotglue doesn't need to be covered over with anything because a) it won't be seen and b) the hardened glue actually helps hold it in place in your hair.
Rocking it in my bathroom mirror. Before Bed.

Let it dry. Put it on. Rock it. :)

What do you think? Good evening project?

Any way. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas weekend!

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