Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Sesame oil, wee pinch of soy sauce, hardboiled eggs
(veggies not pictured)
Adult Living Alone 101: feed yourself.

Sounds simple enough, but the effort of actually making something because I don't want to go to a fast food chain or spend lots at a nice restaurant is actually quite the challenge. If you think about it, fast food could be cheap, but it is often not super healthy, and more likely than not, you have to drive there to get something in the first place. And gas is precious these days. Not to mention, you can only have so many burgers and fries before they're really not that good and you've gained an extra couple of inches around your tummy. Or face.

Comprehensive view of
previous meal. Notice.
Veggies included. 

On the other hand. Fruits and vegetables not always cheap and have expiration dates. Meaning that you could have an entire mold garden growing in your fridge if you don't eat what you put in there. Might be fascinating, but it would defeat the purpose of eating healthy.
Bok choi, egg, tomato. I see you looking. It's ok. Even
penguino is eyeing my culinary masterpiece.

For me, it's hard to get up the motivation to cook an entire meal for little ole me on my lonesome because there's all the preparation and then there's the dishes afterward. Enough to be a hassle but too few to switch on the dishwasher. Alas. What a dilemma.

Bok choi, tomato, frozen peas (not
frozen in picture), cracked egg
So my general solution has been to cook in mass quanities and whittle away at the mountain of whatever I've concocted over the course of a week. I take my lunch in to work and this strategy works pretty well. If you don't mind eating the same thing for lunch every day, this can be great for you too!

Then at night I generally consume something of a Chinese noodle soup variety. Noodles are one of my very favorite favorite foods, so this is a good option for me. The soup is a good deal because soup helps your body absorb nutrients more efficiently and you can put pretty much whatever you want in it. I generally chop up kimchi or veggie stragglers of the leafy or tomato variety, then add a beaten or whole egg or cut up hotdog.

Tofu, meatballs, spinach, tomato... maybe an egg.

Protein. Check. Fiber. Check. Flavor. Check. Easy. Check.

Udon noodles (very Q!), beaten egs, spinach, kimchi, hot dog
These images are a couple of my forays into the culinary discipline of feeding myself. Should you have the inclination to join me in the consuming of food, just say the word!


  1. Well, these look 'awesome' t'me... I might leave out one of the egg yolks, but besides that, you're looking 'yummy and healthy' I don't know what 'very Q' means, but heah, I may just be a bit more dis-connected these days, being half-a-world away, but still loving staying-in-touch!

  2. Looks delicious and blogs are my favorite! Recipe, please?