Sunday, April 15, 2012

picture: Singapore

My mom is Singaporean by birth. That means that most of her family lives in Singapore. Since so many of my relatives live there, I've been there numerous times. Because we love family and want to hang out with them. So here are some of the pictures from this lovely island.

Singapore is a tropical country, situated just a smidge above the equator, so it doesn't usually get very cold. Unless you walk into an air conditioned building. Singapore has a pretty well developed electrical system, so there are a lot of these-- I usually carry a long-sleeved shirt or cover-up since I get cold easily.

The city is just that-a city; much like NYC or Shanghai, there are lots of skyscrapers, and the city is very modern and Westernized, however, there are still pockets and facets that show a little character and individuality.

Singapore is strategically located in Southeast Asia and seems to be a magnet for people from all over Southeast Asia. The inevitable result is lip-licking, drool inducing, wonderfully delicious food. Not only is there a lot of variety, but the meeting of these different cultures creates a delightful fusion of flavors. I like it a lot, in case you couldn't tell.

Any way, moving on. Here are some pictures of Singapore, and of my family. Enjoy!

P.S. I went to Singapore for Chinese New Year 2012, and here are my posts on those adventures:

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